Why we fight

Everything you will see on this site is real and as truthful as can be humanly presented. We are not cop haters.

We do not condone violence. We are simply real people who want the police and courts to be seen as what they really are- corrupted, incompetent, unaccountable. This site was created by two friends who

Have witnessed firsthand the absolute devastation that is caused by out of control authorities. This site was created to tell the true story of Robert Alan Gibbs, one man who dared to stand up to a thoroughly corrupt and ultimately evil jurisdiction (Shasta County, CA.).

Despite Shastas’ systematic attacks against him, despite multiple false arrests and malicious prosecutions,

Despite their hateful and completely

Destructive campaign against him,

Despite their destruction of his business, family, life and even his sanity, despite their slanders and lies,

Robert Alan Gibbs spoke truth to power unceasingly. For three years and four months, Robert fought for his life, his honor, the honor of his precious daughter Forest and indeed

For every other soul in the Shasta jail, and in some ways, every person who has ever been mistreated by police. The whole community scorned him and ridiculed, but he fought on valiantly.The local news media vilified and demonised him,

But he did not waver, the Shasta Co.

Sheriffs retaliated against him with impunity, denying visitation with his daughter, recreation, exercise, access to attorneys, maligning him,

  • Keeping him in solitary confinement for his entire jail term, tormenting him physically, emotionally and spiritually. Robert never gave up on himself or lost sight of his duty as a human being to fight injustice or tell the truth.

The entire Shasta system treated this man like dirt. Robert Gibbs is and always has been a decent man, a hardworking man, a community minded human being, a loving father. Shasta arrogantly sat in judgement of a man they knew nothing about. At Shasta Co. Wars.com you will see exactly how Shasta justice really works. Self-entitled, red-neck shit-birds went to work on Mr. Gibbs. They drew any conclusion most salacious for no other reason than to have something to talk about. There was no propriety, no class, no consideration of him as a human being. They slandered him from one end of town to the other, looked down their crooked little noses at him and acted like he was public enemy number one. This kind gentleman was dug through the dirt, but they forgot one thing: a mans honor cannot be tarnished by lies and you can frame a man and rig the system, but truth is always truth. Robert Gibbs absolutely drowned in their bullshit, but he never forgot who he was or from where he came. Robert Gibbs came from a good family of honorable people and the entire Shasta justice system

  • Was no more than shit stuck to his shoe.