Mark Barbella

I will not overlook the way you have acted. You have allowed yourself to be sucked into a dispute that is not your own, you have acted completely selfishly and demeaned everyone around you in the process. Does it ever occur to you how stupid you look, trailing after Cheri into court, putting in your two cents of non-sense and regurgitating her lies? Who the fuck are you Mark Barbella? What the fuck do you really know? You should have showed me what a man you are by insisting that I be allowed to see my daughter because it’s the right thing to do. You should have simply refrained from thinking that you had some part to play, that all you knew is what you’ve been told. It shows an incredible level of pussy-whipping, to allow yourself to be used as a tool. You have no right and are utterly unqualified to judge me or even know how you should behave towards me. You are not man enough to question yourself for five minutes and come to the conclusion that you do not know me, that’s it’s not your place to pick sides in a custody dispute. Every time I see you, it’s like I’m on an episode of Jerry Springer. You are not even man enough to realize how you embarrass yourself by having “strongly held opinions” about shit you didn’t know a damn thing about. All you had to do was recognize my basic rights as a father and keep your opinionated bullshit and Cheri’s lies to yourselves. I know that simply telling you the truth only makes you feel like you should involve yourself even more, but this is your defect, not mine. I don’t go around assuming that my experience is the only truth or that I am smart enough to really judge people or decide if someone should be “allowed” to be a parent. .You have been arrogant and selfish, keeping my child to yourself, playing the “good” daddy. Fuck you, Mark. You are an inter-loper. A fucking trespasser. Unlike the wise. when not having anything meaningful to say, you can’t just keep your mouth shut. Good for you Mark. You live your best life buddy. Why should I even pretend to like you for the sake of my daughter, when you have not once done the right thing, or intervened in Cheri’s bullshit in family court, or supported in any way my right to be a father to my daughter? The truth is Mark, I should never forgive you or respect you or even pretend to. This is your fault. I did everything but beg you to do what’s right. You simply didn’t want to, because at your base Mark, you are a contrary, opinionated and selfish person. You were going to do what you wanted until somebody made you do the right thing, Well Mark, you weren’t just chiming in with your bullshit in some minor dispute between two people, you were sticking your oversized fucking nose into a dispute over parental rights. Even considering doing that, either shows you are very stupid, extremely pussy-whipped or both. I don’t have to ever forget the way you have acted and you might think that my opinion does not matter, but you could be very wrong about that. Do not pretend that you care about Forest one damn until you protect her interests. All of her interests, including having a meaningful relationship with her father. You have stupidly thought that it was somehow your role to “protect” my daughter from me. You have made yourself into a side-show, a caricature and this is how I will see you for a long time until you show me something else. You chose your role, so fuck you. You are just another home-wrecking asshole. I will see my daughter soon Mark or there will be hell to pay. When that day comes Mark, don’t expect me to treat you with respect. I will treat you exactly like you have treated me.