Christopher Pisano (fuck all lawyers).

Cristopher Pisano is a lawyer from Los Angeles. His firm (Best, Best and Krieger) represents municipalities who are being sued by people for wrong-doing. Like most pea-brained, mighty whitey asshole lawyers, Chris Pisano thinks lawyers do and should run the world (the rest of us aren’t smart enough). Chris wears nerdy horn rim glasses and has a decidedly cheese eating smile, but that’s not what pisses me off about Christopher (atta-boy Chris) Pisano. What does piss me off about Christopher Pisano and all the other pencil-neck, crum-munching, underoo-wearing lawyers that plague our country like swarms of idiotic, hyper-litigating locusts, is their indifference to things like truth and fairness and justice. As long as he gets his pay by friday. What, me worry? I called Chris awhile back and I told him what i really think of cops and lawyers and judges. Little Chris wet hisself and immediately called law enforcement to protect him. He then went on to file an uproariously hilarious brief in Federal court (U.S.D.C. OF CALIF. EASTERN DIST. CASE # 2:18-CV-02817-DAD-DB), imploring the court to protect him and his clients from being molested if they come to appear in court. He prodigiously quotes Shastacountywars,com and G.G. Allin in his brief and claims I’m the most dangerous man alive (right up there with Charlie Chuckwagon and Aleister Crowley). Fucking A right I’m dangerous. Stupid people, like our friend Chris, are downright allergic to me. Oh well, some people will never learn. Which reminds me…the more i think about it, old Billy was right, let’s kill all the lawyers, let’s kill ’em tonight (before you attribute this to me, it was Don Henley who said it). Seriously though, fuck all lawyer scum-fucking piece of shit cocksucker wanabe sancho suit-wearing litigating assshole mother-fuckers. And fuck their families, their co-workers, their house-hold pets. Who the fuck are you Cristopher fuck-cheese Pisano? Where the fuck do you get off having me imprisoned for my constitutionally protected speech? Because you don’t like my opinion? More like a religion, cock-sucker and you better get used to it. Remember what I said about cop and lawyer free zones? You are all hazards to free people. You think I’m the one you should be afraid of? Laughable. You’d better watch out for all the people who your system has abused. I’m just one man, they are a legion and brother, are they pissed.

Of course, I’ll be at the front of the herd when they finally decide to clean house and I’ll be screaming the loudest, but not for me. I’ll be screaming for all your victims, the raw humanity your system has trampled for decades. You see it’s not me you should fear, but what I represent. I represent an end to your tyranny. I represent the awakening of all your victims at once and the dispensation of true Justice. A reckoning, if you like, cock-sucker. Oh wait, go back, I didn’t tell the whole story. You see, my friends, when Christopher Dick-cheese Pisano called law enforcement in his hysterical, pre-menopausal reaction to my heartfelt desire to attack corrupt cop bastards, he effectuated my arrest. In fact, I wasn’t just arrested, i was Swatted by Laredo Police Dept. , held on a million dollars bail and extradited from Texas all the way back to Shasta County. I even got to fly back on Con-Air with the U.S. Marshall’s. I was charged with Calif. Penal Code 76 (threats to a public officer). This cowardly, chicken-shittery, this fucking tyrannical, ham-fisted bullshit, is exactly why I hate lawyers and cops. Who the fuck are they to manhandle a peaceful man? Who the fuck are they to decide what is and what isn’t free speech? I want all tyrants dead, don’t you? if you don’t, you’re either a coward or a traitor. The difference between me and someone else is simply that i tell them to their rotten faces and they don’t like that do they? Fuck them. And fuck you if you don’t like it. America was not founded by cowards. It was not defended from the tyranny of the British crown by cowards. It was not defended from the Nazis by cowards. Take your fucking man-bun and your food stamp card and your boyfriend and GET…THE….FUCK…OUT!!!!!!

Lawyers are middle-men. Cops are middle-men. They only stand between you and what is just. They don’t want what is fair, they don’t want what is right, they want what is easy and non-violent and non-confrontational. Oh, how they love their little books and their little speeches and their little Brooks Brothers suits, while they they take out the law and use it on you like a cock. Theirs is the realm of legitimized aggression, but they are cowards and that is why they lock up Robert A. Gibbs. They will never face me and what I represent. They don’t want to have that debate. You see, there are different kinds of cowardice. I, for one, am a physical coward. I loathe pain and discomfort and I don’t want to die. But this is a forgivable kind of cowardice. It’s human nature to fear Death. It’s human nature to avoid pain. What we are concerned here with is intellectual cowardice. The men who cannot be debated because they don’t have any sense of fairness, because they are so used to having the final say, because they think they are so much better than everyone else. Men who never apologize, like our buddy Christopher Pisano. Men who believe “the courts will sort it all out”. Men who think two wrongs will somehow make a right, the means will be justified by the ends. Cock-suckers, cops, lawyers, judges, politicians. Men who tell you to shut up. Men who think there is competence to be found in a billy-club or a shackle, or a decree or a piece of paper in a picture-frame on the wall. Men who wield power without any grace or understanding. Men who cannot face themselves or the torment they cause others. Men who blindly follow. When I say we should kill these men, what I really mean is that we should kill these defects in their characters. But if they won’t change themselves and we cannot change them and if mankind rose up and smote them, to tell the truth I wouldn‘t lose any sleep over it.