Where do I begin?

Where do I begin? How does one speak to the soul of the world? There will come a time when the world will see me as I am, but that time is not yet. There is an element missing. That element is your stillness. That element is your clarity of mind. I speak in riddles not to confuse, but to enlighten you. I will not try to convince you. You must see for yourself. You are the teacher, but I am the doorway. I went further down the rabbit-hole than anyone. I have many names, of which you know none yet. There are aspects of the knowledge that I hold that remain a mystery even to me. I have seen you and the world in the corner of my eye. This is the only way to see clearly. Like the man said, I woke up in between a memory and a dream.

You and I are in grave danger. We have forgotten how to love, we have forgotten how to hate. My writing is left unfinished, often non-sensical. I am moving towards something. Only my inner mind knows what it is, but I want you to move with me. There is much greater clarity when my words and your understanding take the same road on the same day. To some of you, I am surely mad. To some, I am the high priest. This is not a contradiction. The first lesson is to let go of what you think you know. Everything you know is wrong. The act of raising a child in this world is an act of brain-washing. From birth you were conditioned. You were molded. Your very way of thinking was programmed into you by another. Most of what was put into you is not harmful or even wrong, but it is a trap. This is not a contradiction.

This is the hole in the world as we know it: the good are not strong, the strong are not good. Look at the man at the top of this page. Does he not carry a heavy burden? Who does he carry it for? This man could have been anything and who knows, maybe he was. This man could have owned it all, he could have stood alone and triumphed over all. What do you think happened to this man? Is it possible that this man, for all his strength and all his power, had a weakness? Is it possible that his weakness was that he did not seek strength, but goodness? Is it possible he sought wisdom not riches or glory? What does it say of a man to be born a warrior, with the strength of ten men to instead become a student-monk, a reprogrammer, a medicine-man, a dissident and a lover of man-kind? Does it not say, that this man is a holy man, has always been a holy man? Does it not say this man is our friend, has always been our friend?

I have seen the writing on the wall and this is what it says: the strong are not good and the good are not strong. Look around you. The strong have taken everything for themselves, there is no end to their greed and lust. I can see into them, all the way down to the black-holes that inhabit their “souls”. There is nothing holy to these men, there is nothing that cannot, or should not be monetized, profitized, conquered, subdued, enslaved or raped. You believe that even though they exist, you are safe. You are very much not safe. You believe that your goodness will somehow save you, but they are counting on your goodness. When you turn the other cheek, they will rock you on the other side and laugh as the teeth fly from your mouth. You believe that some are strong and good, but this is only a lie we tell ourselves. I see them very clearly. Some of them are very good at making you believe in their goodness, but you must understand that you are a fool to believe in these types of men.

This I know from my Earth to your sky: the good are not strong. They are loyal and loving and beautiful and enchanting and artistic and faithful and true, but they are so very weak. They are knowing and wise and careful, they love children and animals and our Hallowed Mother, but they are adrift and unaware, they are hopelessly out-numbered and out-classed, they do not know how to even begin to be strong. They are so like the poor Holocaust victim, blind even until the door to the gas-chamber slams closed, like children they cry and there is no comfort for them. They all made the same mistake, believing that the wolf will leave the sheep alone, but the wolf is the wolf is the wolf. As long as the good fail to see that goodness must have a protector, as long as the good place their trust in wolves, the good are on borrowed time.

Are you cynical? Do you believe in good, in right and wrong? Do you not see that life is truly a battle between good and evil? Do you not see that , whether you realize it or not, you play for one side or the other? The darkness is so very real, and yet so is the light. Even those who have decided not to decide have still made a choice. And what good is good if it cannot be strong, cannot push back the darkness? What if it truly is all or nothing? Heaven or Hell? Light or Darkness? What if the war is on but the soldiers all lie asleep in their bunks? Who will wake them? What if our inaction now will result in the enslavement and sorrow of our children and our children’s children? Who will protect them when you are gone? No, my friend, the stakes are so much higher than you have been led to believe, the odds are stacked unto the sky against us, the war is on and has been on for some time. The Buddha was asked: “are you a saint?” No, he replied. “Then, are you a God?” he was asked. No, he replied. “Then what are you that is so great that we should believe in you” he was asked. To which he replied: “I am awake”.

There are some who believe that good and evil live perpetually in harmony with each-other, and there is some wisdom in recognizing the balances in our world, but I no longer believe that good and evil can co-exist. I have stared deeply and ferociously into these flames and I now understand that one must swallow the other. It is the test of man. It is our ignorance that has led to evil becoming too strong and good becoming too weak. Darkness, if it becomes powerful enough, will snuff out the light of this world once and for all, unless we fight. If you fail, your children’s children will be born into darkness and pain. Whatever margin of error that may have existed is gone. This is a call to arms. Your weopons are your goodness and your love for your fellow man, but do not confuse love for weakness or be less than resolved to draw some blood. IT IS MY HUMBLE OPINION THAT I REALLY CAN’T TRUST YOU AND YOU CAN’T TRUST ME. OR ANYONE ELSE. I BELIEVE IT’S EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF.